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Letter to the editor: President Trump needs to finally be held accountable

Marc Schlesinger


Realizing he is now facing possible consequences for his encouragement of rioting and insurrection as well as blatant lies about the results of the election, Donald Trump is stating his condemnation and saying there will be a smooth transition of power. This is nothing except an attempt at covering his ass.

Our country’s moral leadership as well as status as the most powerful country and beacon of democracy is now in shambles. Our adversaries are reveling in the behavior of the insurrectionists and the encouragement by the president himself, a person sworn to uphold the laws and the Constitution of the U.S. He has violated his oath repeatedly, but the Republicans in government have failed to make him accountable. Look at what happened to our country because of his promulgation of falsehoods, outright lies and encouragement to negate a fair and legitimate election. (This being based on all evidence, experts and the courts.)

He needs to finally be held accountable and barred from holding future office as well as any federal benefits. Also, all of those of the Republican Party who have facilitated his behavior need to face consequences, whether this be expulsion from Congress or censure for violation of Congressional ethics, especially the Republican members of Congress who went along with this against their own oaths of office. If Trump and congressional members get off without any punishment, then our democracy is definitely in danger. We no longer have any moral authority to complain about any other government’s actions. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are smiling from ear to ear.




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