Letter to the editor: Purported ‘war on Christianity’ is wholly fictitious | SummitDaily.com

Letter to the editor: Purported ‘war on Christianity’ is wholly fictitious

Ted Woodson

Ken Gansmann’s letter “Today’s elites are waging a war on Christianity” is so far off and very, very sad.

It is wrong to compare the organized murder of over 6 million Jewish men, women and children by the Nazis in World War II with a wholly fictitious “war on Christianity.” Gansmann, you misstated history when you said the French Vichy government started the extermination of Jews. Wrong, they followed the Nazis as did all the puppet governments occupied by Germany.

Wrong again on no proof of censorship initiated by the leaders of the commutation companies that you mentioned.

To me, it is more worrisome to have 40% of Republican voters believe the election was fraudulent, to have several senators and congresspersons sign on to change the results of the election and to have many of the above still revere a man who lost the election by over 7 million and who incited a civil insurrection that killed six.

That is what troubles many of us.



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