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Letter to the editor: Rental fees should go to the neighbors who have to put up with this

Dustin Wexner

Let’s take a look at our neighborhood streets and yards this spring. I guarantee you will find a wonderful bouquet of water bottles, fast-food wrappers, Fireball bottles, one-hitters and bags of trash from the short-term rentals. These rentals are next door to year-round residents in historically family districts that now deal daily with trash, parking and noise from short-term rentals that go unmonitored and weigh on our right to quiet enjoyment of our homes, not VRBO party houses.

Why does the town of Breckenridge confuse two issues with one? By charging fees for short-term rentals to go to housing phantom workers, they create a coal mining type company town, wherein the indebted workers pay the employers for the right to live, shop and work with little to no accumulation of equity.

Instead of trying to solve the poor Town Council’s worker shortages, the fees charged to the licensed short-term rental owners for monetizing the neighborhood with their commercial operation should go to the neighbors who have to put up with this! The fees for some of these short-term rental locations need to be pooled into a fund that is disbursed via a property tax credit, municipal bond or, better yet, actual enforcement.

We need both problems solved. The short-term rental fees need to be transparently reinvested to the citizens who call the house next to these commercial businesses home, not to guarantee that the Breckenridge oligarchs can continue to rake in profits from self-serving legislation.

And while on the soapbox, get the council out of chambers and on work details to patch potholes and pick up trash. That’s a much better use than loudly eating free meals and doing busy work. The meetings can be boiled down by hours if you just did the homework and bought your own food.

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