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Letter to the editor: Resorts must do their part to prevent out-of-control skiing

Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman

Another one dead. Another snowboarder-skier collision. Tragic! People going way too fast for conditions. Indemnified ski resorts doing too little to control straight-liners and out-of-control speeders.

How many more collisions will there be this season? We know that skiing and snowboarding are dangerous. The overwhelming number of us take that danger very, very seriously. We ski and snowboard, studiously maintaining our control. We are constantly looking uphill to see what might be bearing down on us. We stop and let the fliers fly by. We practice patience and prudence, concepts unknown and not understood by those who feel no vulnerability or are too high or ignorant to care. And the resorts either ignore the need or refuse to acknowledge their roles in abetting the accidents that are far too prevalent and preventable.

Thus, my now annual plea to Colorado’s ski resorts: Station more monitors on the few runs that now are open. Slow and caution the reckless, devil-may-care speed freaks. Use your authority more freely to issue tickets and pull passes. Install and use cameras! If you have the technology to track the vertical feet we ski, you can certainly employ a system to see who the true culprits are and issue warnings to them at the chairlifts.

Aren’t our lives, your customers, worth this? Help to protect the sport, your patrons and your reputations. We know that we can’t touch you legally. We all signed those airtight waivers releasing you from liability. The only other thing we have left is an appeal to ethical business practice. We promise to put safety first, but we need your help and involvement as well. How about it? How about doing a better job on your end before we find ourselves tallying more severely injured and dead?

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