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Letter to the editor: Revisiting the dog poop dilemma

Chris Daly
Blue River

No disrespect to Rabbi Joel Schwartzman on his “Stupid is as stupid” does letter, but perhaps he should look in the mirror. OK, maybe a little disrespect.

Our neighbor suggested that rather than bagging dog poo, and leaving it on trails, we should just kick it into the woods. Rabbi Schwartzman continues, “Wild animals poop on and near the trails, and no one collects their droppings.” True. But the scat from these animals is digested from their local environment and has a very modest impact. Dogs eat processed kibble, chicken, hot dogs, bagged treats and, in the case of my young Labrador, a snatched piece of cheese every so often. None of these food sources roam natively on our tender valley of the Blue.

Go back 10 years and read the great piece, “The dog poop dilemma,” in this very Summit Daily from local and esteemed microbiologist Dr. Joanne Stolen on just how horrible dog dumps are in our environment. I agree with the rabbi on his main point: Those that go to the trouble of bagging dog dumps only to leave them for the rainbow-colored-unicorn fairy to collect them should crawl into these same bags and rot with the crap. But to add to our Alpo Alps with his suggestion is equally disgusting and horrible for our high-Alpine environment. I’ll close as Dr. Stolen did 10 years ago: “Pick up (and pack out) after your pet, every time, all the time.”

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