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Letter to the editor: Rift won’t be resolved unless people stop demonizing others

Maarten Meinders

Don Parsons’ letter “We must do better to heal the seismic rifts in our community” has a great title. I could not agree more!

However, it seems like his only solution to the problem is for all people to come to his side and adopt his political viewpoints. That is kind of like saying, “I can get along with anyone as long as they agree with me.” The rift cannot be resolved unless people on both sides stop demonizing one another. You have already given the liberal side of the story. Let me give the conservative viewpoint.

Healing does not occur when conservative views are being systematically censored, when media people suggest that our children should be taken away from us and join re-education camps, when people like Don Lemon suggest that caring parents should not be allowed to procreate, when the president calls half the population stupid, when the media calls conservatives “domestic terrorists” and “enemies of the state,” when skeptics who question the government’s approach to major issues are told to “shut up” or when reputable doctors are afraid of have their licenses revoked if they don’t follow the party line.

To be fair, I see vitriol attacking your side, as well. My point is: We must stop insinuating that the other side is evil or ignorant. So here are few suggestions:

  • Please don’t assume that unvaccinated people are the problem. Many of them have natural immunity. (Why is nobody mentioning that?)
  • Sen. John Hickenlooper is an adult. He is responsible for his own health.
  • Confirmation bias is like original sin — everyone has it.
  • Lastly, I fully agree that “dishonesty, distortion, disdain and disregard” are bad. Just don’t insinuate that it only comes from “the other side.”

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