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Letter to the editor: Scare tactics won’t work for those who don’t support vaccine mandate

Maarten Meinders

Dennis and Sally Kaiser, in their recent letter, made some scary statements regarding COVID-19 that deserve examination:

  • “The health minister of Germany said that by the end of winter, every German will either be vaccinated, recovered or dead. Wow!”

Wow, indeed! That is like saying, “When I was in a band, people either liked us, or they hated us, or they thought we were just OK.” The question here is: How many are recovered and how many are dead? With COVID-19, that ratio is better than 99-to-1 for people younger than 65. Wow! At least the Germans acknowledge that people recover and have natural immunity and are protected.

  • “Stop listening to the Looney Tunes characters on the internet.”

Would that be the thousands (yes) of experienced, accredited medical professionals who have no incentive to lie, who have been systematically censored and threatened with loss of license and have been prohibited from treating people at the onset of symptoms or sharing with their colleagues safe (and often inexpensive) remedies that seem promising? Yet only “the jab” may be recommended. Why is that? When in doubt, follow the motive. Doctors: Welfare of their patients. Big Pharma and government? Take a guess. And why is natural immunity squelched? Motive?

  • If you are not vaccinated, “you are the problem.”

This is patently untrue. Natural immunity works fine. Even the vaccinated can spread the disease. And there is still no hard data about asymptomatic transmission. Why? Even smallpox and Ebola are not contagious until the first symptoms appear! Why this panic over a disease that is less than 0.1% lethal? Simply stay home if you feel under the weather. That would be responsible.

Yes, we have the right to “jump off a cliff.” Just don’t mandate the jump!

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