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Letter to the editor: School board should answer lingering questions about superintendent

CJ Milmoe

Thank you for reporting on Superintendent Marion Smith Jr.’s disastrous termination by the Summit County school board. There are unanswered questions.

Will the board hold a public (not Zoom) meeting to answer lingering questions about its relationship with Smith?

Why was Smith hired in the first place? Was he the best available candidate? It seems he has been a critical race theory entrepreneur whose business has been to get paid by people so they won’t be accused of racism. Isn’t this extortion? Now he has gotten $100,000 of taxpayer money from the board by promising not to sue for discrimination. What did the board expect? Why was the settlement so large? Did the board do something wrong and it is trying to buy Smith’s silence? If the $100,000 payment was to prevent him from suing, what legitimate claims did he have? Doesn’t the public have a right to know? Wouldn’t the taxpayers have been willing to pay the cost of defending an ill-founded claim from a disgruntled $179,000 per year employee? The school board needs to explain what harm the board caused Smith.

What justifies payment of attorney fees? Won’t this just encourage other disgruntled employees to sue the district, collect a settlement and have the school district pay attorney fees?

Smith has been bad-mouthing the school district since his arrival, calling it racist and saying students with diverse identities were negatively impacted by our schools. Why doesn’t the separation agreement include a non-disparagement provision? Now Smith can continue accusing the district of racist policies and practices.

Will the board be accountable to the people and answer all the questions and reveal all the facts about Smith’s hiring and termination in a public hearing?

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