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Letter to the editor: Shame on those who continue to support President Trump

Kari Kronborg


I applaud Kim McGahey for finally saying some things that made sense, but he fell short by not calling out Donald Trump and Trump’s continued assertions that the election was stolen from him and that there was fraud. Sixty courts and judges have ruled that there was no fraud. Two Colorado Republicans voted not to certify the election, and Lauren Boebert continues to state that the election was stolen.

The Republican Party states that they are the party of law and order and family values. I say they are the party of obstruction and sedition. What happened on Capitol Hill was terrorism; it was not a rally. People brought guns and pipe bombs. People are still being encouraged to go to D.C. on Inauguration Day and come armed.

Trump encouraged this behavior on the day it occurred, and it took him two-plus hours to ask people to stop. Had Trump not incited this riot, had he tweeted for people to stop sooner, maybe the officer would not have been murdered by these terrorists and a maybe the second officer a few days later would not have died by suicide.

Republicans will bring up Black Lives Matter and blame them for the violence that occurred this past summer. Black Lives Matter rallies were remarkably nonviolent. When there was violence, police or counter-protesters were very often directing it at the protesters. After years of peaceful marches and attempts to work through the legal process, Blacks are still shut out by Republicans suppressing the vote and shutting out people of color.

Trump continues to state that the election was stolen. He lost, period. He should not be allowed to reap the retirement benefits afforded to past presidents. Shame on all supporters for not saying enough is enough. Trump must be held accountable.




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