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Letter to the editor: Shooting range noise is the same old drama

Ralph Ragsdale

I really don’t know, but I am confident someone will remind us: Who was there first, the houses or the firing range?

The recent interest in reducing the noise reminds me of dramas played out all across the country over the past 75 years, at least. It always starts the same. An industrial plant or an airport locates a new facility far away from any housing or other activity requiring people to be in the vicinity. They do that because technology is not available to completely eliminate air, water, soil or noise pollution. But the industrial revolution and continued development of air travel must continue.

Invariably, over the next 10, 20 or 30 years, housing communities inch closer and closer to said facility. Suddenly, nearby residents complain of some kind of pollution. Statistics may show high incidents of disease, such as cancer. Lawsuits follow. The plant starts buying up the houses to create more distance.

The cases of airports are particularly interesting and completely predictable. They need a longer runway but are landlocked. They can’t use their turboboosters on takeoffs because they are louder. They must climb steeper to reduce the time they are making noise, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

So, the question is: What lesson are we incapable of learning as the same drama plays out over and over again?


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