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Letter to the editor: Smile, be positive and contribute to a better world

Boot Gordon

I’ve been reading “Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift” by Claude Swanson, Ph.D. Talk about uplifting: 640 pages of testimonies, studies and quotes that certainly prove we have souls, there is an afterlife and the shift will occur.

To summarize: Swanson thinks we’re moving from a negative period in the Hindu cyclical theory of Yugas (explained by Sri Yukteswar) to an enlightened period. Swanson says left-handed torsion is real. (Discovered by Russians and studied for 40 years, it’s an area with weak magnetism, denser gravity, higher consciousness and enhanced extrasensory perception.) And the shift is occurring (Earth and our solar system have entered a cloud of left-handed torsion that NASA’s probes prove exist).

So Swanson agrees with the predictions that we’ll have more earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos and earth changes but a happier world. Why? Because those of low love quotient won’t be able to handle the shift and will fight. (Turn on your TV if you don’t believe.) Soon they’ll leave Earth. (Goodbye Putin, Kim Jong Un, Xi and Trump.)

So please raise your LQ to the top of your to-do list. Every bit helps.

Smile, be positive, contribute to a better world. You won’t be sorry, Swanson seems to be saying.



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