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Letter to the editor: Stupid is as stupid does

Rabbi Joel Schwartzman

Stupid is as stupid does. How offensive does that sound? Well, not really meaning to stick a finger in other peoples’ eye, I decided to list some of the things I’ve seen in Summit County that take my breath away.

Not that people aren’t entitled to endanger themselves; they are. But, here it goes: I am amazed that people hike into our mountains in flip-flops and wearing no shirts. Broken appendages and later-in-life skin cancers don’t seem to worry these folks. I guess they think of themselves as invincible. Speaking of which, there are those who ascend just as time and threatening weather are signaling that they should turn around and head down. Every year, we lose several “invincible” folks to lightning strikes in the mountains, not to speak of the injuries that are more apt to occur when the trails are wet and slippery. Experts tell us that getting off any summit by 11 a.m. is a very wise thing to do. I stick to that recommendation on my hikes. But, hey, if the smell of burnt flesh is your thing, have at it.

I am appalled at those who bring their dogs and leave those poop bags along the trail, especially the ones who expect someone else to tote that crap down the mountain. I’m certain to be violating someone’s idea of sanitation and etiquette, but I’d rather that these folks just pick up their pets’ offal and toss it back in the bushes (not in the streams). Wild animals poop on and near the trails, and no one collects their droppings. Why not let dog poop decompose naturally and do away with those disgusting doggy-poop bags that the pet owners conveniently forget to pick up on their way down from their hikes?

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