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Letter to the Editor: Summit County is not insulated from global issues

Alli Perry
Blue River

Despite the fact that Summit County is a small and idyllic enclave, we are not insulated from global issues.

I want to implore everyone in Summit County, especially men, to take notice of the fact that, lately, women here too have been hit with a daily barrage of evidence that we are still considered worth less than men.

In conservative states, the government seeks to control our bodies by denying us the choice to become mothers. This Red-state mentality is shared in towns and counties throughout Colorado. I would like to remind you that when you voice your thoughts about the Amber Heard v. Johnny Depp trial, the women around you are listening, and when we hear the cruel victim-blaming, we also hear that no matter how many times we get assaulted or hurt by men, if we fight back, men are absolved to be pitied and rallied around while women are blamed, shamed and ridiculed.

Unless you only know two or three women, a woman you know almost certainly has or will be subjected to a violent act at the hands of a man — or has or will have an abortion. Would you tell your girlfriend to fight back against a violent man and then note that if she does, no matter what he did, she will have forfeited her right to protection and justice? Would you tell your sister that if she gets impregnated before she finishes high school, she should have “kept her legs closed” and must now become a mother, regardless of what she had planned for her life? Will you help her raise that baby?

Roughly 14,300 women reside in Summit County. When you air your opinions, remember, we can hear your words — and everything left unsaid beneath those words.


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