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Letter to the editor: Summit Daily News should not have any political columnists

Kevin Stout

I have a question for the staff of the Summit Daily News: Why do you feel compelled to have individuals espouse their personal political views by calling them “columnists?” In what universe are individuals like Kim McGahey or Susan Knopf considered legitimate journalists?

I believe I recently saw a post for a person to write a moderate political column for the Summit Daily. I guess if someone has a strong political belief and can write coherent sentences, they can become a columnist for the Summit Daily. Sounds like a pretty low bar to me.

At some point, hopefully the leaders of the Summit Daily will realize that offering random, unqualified individuals the opportunity to write regular pieces that are, in many cases, not founded in research or on facts, does nothing but continue to drive polarization in our community. I would personally vote for no columns based on political preferences in our local paper as there are plenty of other places to go to get political opinions.

Reporting the local news, which is what I believe is the purpose of a community newspaper, provides a great service to the local community. These columns, like my opinion here, should be relegated to the letters to the editor.

If it is a First Amendment right to have unqualified, divisive individuals write for the Summit Daily, it is my right not to read it. I have chosen to no longer read the Summit Daily, including the paid ads, as I believe the Summit Daily has chosen to abandon its purpose of a community newspaper. I am voting with my eyes and my wallet. I would be curious to see if others feel the same way. It’s your choice.

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