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Letter to the editor: Susan Knopf’s wrong-headed attack on the Catholic church

CJ Milmoe


Susan Knopf’s attack on the Catholic church for its opposition to the Equality Act misrepresents what the Colorado bishops’ letter actually said. It urged all Americans to oppose the act because it would override existing laws and cause many grave harms to individuals, organizations and society including:

  • Mandating abortion, the barbaric taking of innocent life
  • Punishing charities and their millions of beneficiaries, simply because of their beliefs about marriage and sexuality
  • Forcing both people and organizations to speak or act in support of “gender transitions” regardless of their professional or personal conscience
  • Forcing females to compete against biological males in sports, and to share locker rooms and showers with males who claim to be females
  • Forcing religious facilities to host functions that violate their beliefs
  • Depriving people of their livelihoods just because of their beliefs on marriage and sexuality
  • Repealing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Knopf claims this federal power grab is necessary to protect “the rights of gays” and that anyone who opposes it is bad. The act would overrule thousands of existing federal, state and local laws protecting the rights and liberties of all people. Knopf impugns the motives of the bishops, comparing them to “white supremacists,” opposing the act because they fear losing their tax-exempt status.

Knopf is wrong. The bishops believe we are children of God, that God loves us and that God wants us to love one another and to live in peace and not kill babies.

The Declaration of Independence affirms that we are all created equal and that we are endowed by our creator with rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These sacred, God-given rights are “unalienable,” secured by our Constitution and cannot be taken away by the Equality Act in the name of “protecting” homosexual and transgender people.




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