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Letter to the editor: Thanks to Suzanne Anderson for reminding us of our common humanity

Dan Rowley
Phoenix and Breckenridge

I do not consider myself to be a religious person, and if I’m totally honest, faith is not a concept in which I put much store. This said, despite living outside of Breckenridge most of the year, I regularly (one might say religiously) seek out Suzanne Anderson’s column “Walking Our Faith.”

In these highly polarized and “shouty” times, I find her focus on intentionality and community to be a real balm. She is consistently a voice for common understanding and care, and is a welcome antidote to the strident partisanship. I think we could all learn something from her message, even (or especially) if we don’t share her particular religious background. Perhaps her fellow columnists (I’m looking at you, McGahey and Knopf) and letter writers could take a page from her book (even if not that book), and spend less time demonizing “the other side” and more time recognizing that we, as a community, need to seek out common ground.

Surely we can find something to agree on. Perhaps we should start with acknowledging what a privilege it is to call Breckenridge home (even if only sporadically), and how much we love our cherished local businesses and arts organizations (who need our support).

I may not subscribe to your particular brand of faith, Anderson, but I thank you for regularly reminding us of our common humanity. I wish you well in your quest for housing more amenable to your current situation and hope you can look forward to many more amazing Breckenridge seasons walking your faith. Perhaps one day we can walk together, if not in faith then at least in fellowship.

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