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Letter to the editor: The declaration of dependency on government

Tess Scalise

On March 5, I had the pleasure of attending the Summit County Democrats’ caucus. It was an enlightening experience to observe the political processes play out in real time, and I learned a lot about how local candidates for county office make it onto the ballot for the June 2022 primary. After local candidates gave their speeches, voting took place. A candidate needed to secure 30% of the caucus vote to make it onto the primary ballot.

While the votes were being counted, state Rep. Julie McCluskie of Dillon took questions from the crowd. I raised my hand and asked, “In 2021 and 2022, Coloradans have seen rising inflation, increasing gasoline prices and increasing prices of consumer goods such as groceries. What are legislators doing at the state level to combat inflation and the increasing costs of goods?” The answer I received was less than satisfactory, as it involved making food stamps more available. I could not help but smile and say “thank you.”

I was obviously disappointed as food stamps essentially make more people dependent on government assistance. They are not a solution to combat inflation; they are a Band-Aid, and not a very good one. I want leadership at the local, state and federal level who work for the betterment and advancement of constituents. I want leadership who want to enable all citizens to be productive members of society, not leadership who encourage people to be dependent on the system.

As the 2022 election season begins, we must pay close attention to the candidates who are running for office. Do they serve for the betterment of the people they represent? Or do they make the people dependent on an infinite supply of government handouts? Ask yourself, do you want to be free or imprisoned by the system?

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