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Letter to the editor: The high cost of living the dream in Summit County

Allen Bacher

The problem of affordable housing was created by the planning and zoning actions over 30 years ago. They mandated regulations that prevented people from building housing with accessory dwelling units within the structures.

I, and others who built here, was prohibited from doing so. This resulted in a stricture of the supply for locals. Over the years, the county and towns encouraged “build bigger better,” resulting in more tax dollars. Restrictive building requirements made it very difficult to build humble abodes (think minimum square foot, lot size, density, etc.).

The fact that the planning and zoning people did not require the major developers to account for the increase in workforce and build living units for such only made the impact worse.

The land trusts in Summit County have done more harm than good. They have made the situation worse by impacting the supply side. They have taken land off the tax rolls, land that could have been used for the housing solutions, when we live in the middle of 40 million acres of national forest! The county and towns are sitting on acres of land (not on the tax rolls), as well. The Lake Hill development is going on 20 years without results. This should have been turned over to a private-public venture long ago.

I just saw that a place in Water House Condominiums sold for $1,569 per square foot! If people keep buying at nosebleed prices, P.T. Barnum will be validated.

I have witnessed four housing crashes in my lifetime. I am poised for the next great crash, awaiting the time when people stop buying $200 seats at the ballpark (or lift tickets), no longer will buy $10 beers and $20 hamburgers, cash flow dries up, mortgage debt is not serviced and foreclosures right the values, once again.

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