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Letter to the editor: The Summit School District board has had a bad year

Mark Langley

If you’ve been paying attention to Summit School District events and public commentary, it’s clear the Board of Education had a bad year.

Many residents were deeply troubled with the selection of a superintendent whose consulting business (Educate to Liberate) specializes in pushing critical race theory into schools. Others are dismayed that the board fired that same progressive superintendent. The board revealed little evidence for his dismissal, yet they voted 4-2 to remove him.

Parents are perplexed by the lack of education focus and disruption. Summit Middle School’s CMAS grades for reading and math proficiency were 52% and 34%, respectively, in 2019.

Taxpayers are livid that hundreds of thousands of dollars were squandered with multiple superintendent searches, legal fees, a wasted $180,000 salary, and a $100,000 unrequired “payoff” with no disclosure of why. Logic would say the board was about to get the district sued or humiliated but “made it go away” with taxpayer money.

Teachers were clear that cost of living is driving them out of Summit County. Teacher incentive money is gone, but we have a new full-time administrator in an ill-defined “equity” position. School administrators were appalled that the board was selling them out by proposing an “at-will” contract allowing them to be fired without cause or due process. Why? Apparently, the superintendent wanted to intimidate administrators and the board initially went along.

So how is the board held accountable for its lack of transparency and its inept decision-making, which should be based on academic growth, fiscal responsibility and effective governance? It’s not. It is choosing another superintendent Monday. One of its top three candidates (of 21) was fired from Adams County in 2019 after the state took over the school district for performance issues.

Here we (and our money) go again.

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