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Letter to the editor: The vaccinated are experiencing cognitive dissonance

Ally Doolin

I’ve seen many posts online lately from individuals who are triple vaccinated (two shots and a booster) who are now experiencing a COVID-19 infection. Their perspective is intriguing because they are so thankful to only have “mild” symptoms. They praise the vaccines, but are the vaccines actually helping them? Who could know for certain? Many unvaccinated humans also experience mild COVID-19 infections, especially with the omicron variant. My own infection in December 2020 was so mild that I didn’t even realize I was sick: My only symptom was a cough.

I do wonder, in today’s day and age, what other products exist where we would praise the product if it really didn’t work to protect us? In an accident, if my seat belt failed to restrain me due to design defects, I’d probably have grounds for a lawsuit. Sadly, we have no means to sue vaccine manufacturers for their faulty products. If we did, they probably wouldn’t have released a product with such poor efficacy and terrible side effects.

In addition, the vaccine narrative is constantly changing. First, they claimed, if you’re vaccinated you can’t get COVID-19. Then they pivoted to, if you’re vaccinated, you won’t have severe disease or be hospitalized. They even claimed if you’re vaccinated you can’t die from COVID-19. We learned all of these claims are false. We know vaccinated people can acquire and transmit COVID-19. They can experience severe symptoms requiring hospitalization and even occasionally resulting in death.

So why the push for mandatory vaccination? Why are so many Americans bowing down to big for-profit pharmaceutical companies? Do we really believe they have our best interests at heart? Here’s one true statement: Both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals can acquire this illness, but at least the unvaccinated can’t suffer from irreversible injuries from the vaccines.

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