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Letter to the editor: This is my prayer for our nation and its leadership in 2022

Ally Doolin

President Joe Biden finally waved the flag of surrender on his campaign promise to end the COVID-19 pandemic by stating, “There is no federal solution” to COVID-19. This statement isn’t surprising to those of us who are pragmatic realists.

The truth is, no president, regardless of political affiliation, can stop COVID-19. It is, after all, a virus. Biden campaigned on a promise to end the pandemic with a plan that didn’t exist. His strategy, throwing anything and everything at the virus, has been an abject failure.

This entire time, politicians and media have mesmerized the public by chanting “trust the science.” But truth be told, many scientists and doctors have been wrong with respect to this virus, its spread, lockdowns, masks, vaccines, etc. Meanwhile, doctors with experience treating patients were censored because their recommendations didn’t support the big government and pharma agenda.

Since the beginning, Democrats have politicized the virus: Never waste a good crisis. Biden himself contributed to the fearmongering claiming that the unvaccinated will suffer a winter of sickness and death. The administration needs to stop weaponizing the virus for political gain. On top of sowing fear and division among the populace, it has created a whole new level of mistrust of science and the government.

Ultimately, we need leadership that will unite the American people, not divide us by vaccinated or unvaccinated, Black or white, straight or gay, rich or poor. The identity politics games only hurt the citizens and benefit those in power by turning the citizenry against one another, further cementing their grasp over us.

What will 2022 bring? I pray that people will wake up from the spell cast upon them and come together with the common goal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for our nation and her people. Amen.

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