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Letter to the editor: Those who choose not to get vaccinated are treated as criminals

Rachel Steinmetz

Are we aware of what this constant dehumanization can result in? Innocent humans who have decided they don’t want an injection are being segregated from society, stripped of rights and ousted from jobs. As the state and media work together to continue the dehumanization process of what they call the “unvaccinated,” more of the public are being conditioned to cheer on this disgraceful human rights infringement.

People are being destroyed. Nurses to firefighters, who work tirelessly to help our society, are losing their livelihoods. We have to regain our dialogue and our compassion.

In 2019, we didn’t believe anything like this could happen. Yet, we’ve stripped the rights of selected minorities. We’ve seen this before, and it doesnt end well. What happens if this demonization continues? Once they’ve lost everything, can’t provide for their families and are treated like criminals, what happens to them? Is stripping them of their humanity and constant public humiliation not enough? Must you put them in camps or, better yet, prison?

What is happening to them around the world is nothing short of extreme. They are not criminals.

Give it another few years of this runaway train of dehumanization and we will have the likelihood of mass imprisonment of innocent people after years of abuse for maintaining the sovereignty of their own body. To weaponize something as benign as what people choose to put in their bodies, confidential medical information, is not only unscientific but inhumane and an alarmingly violent fate for them in the history books.

Two years ago, you would have said that what is happening today is a “conspiracy theory,” but you are probably supporting the unjust segregation without considering the grave implications. I urge you to stop and reflect on what’s being done before it’s too late.

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