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Letter to the editor: To know truth, think, speak and create works that are godly

Boot Gordon


The answer is within. Not within our memories of what we’ve read, nor what we’ve been told or even experienced, but within our hearts where the blueprint of companionship, creativity, godliness and joy have always existed.

Fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of unworthiness and even fear of success prevent us from envisioning utopia or heaven on Earth.

Some people cannot awaken to their godliness. They believe they are courageous and important by preaching the doom and gloom they have been taught. “I am godly?” they ask. “That’s being sacrilegious. We are sinners. We must only bend down on our knees, ask forgiveness, accept the life we’ve been given and adore our savior.”

That’s hogwash!

This nonsense has been handed down generation to generation so the kings, priests and their minions can rule.

Christianity after Christ’s crucifixion was democratic. It taught Jesus’ message that he was the forerunner, that he was the light that mankind had yearned for. Jesus said, do as I do, follow my path, and you will be with me. We will have heaven on Earth. In fact, you can do greater works than I.

Therefore, be godly. Think thoughts, use words, create works that are godly, that lift mankind.



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