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Letter to the editor: Trump’s ignorance endangers NATO and the entire western world

Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman

Donald Trump is a danger to this country. He consistently lies to the American people, whether it is about the virulence of COVID-19 and the medications he touted as effective, or about the election he lost but which loss he refuses to acknowledge even to this day. Now, in advance of the next election, he is directing state governments to change voting rights laws and to overtake state apparatuses which collect and count votes. In his speeches, he has whipped up fear and hatred, giving lip service to white supremacist movements which appeared violently at both the Charlottesville rally and on Jan. 6 as virulent insurrectionists attacked the Capitol of our nation and lives were threatened and lost.

When will Trump’s records be opened for all to see what his legal maneuverings have sought to hide? His tax records? For years in litigation to keep them from the public and the courts. His taking classified documents to Mar-a-Lago? Yet to be fully investigated and adjudicated. Executive privilege? Hard to claim when one is no longer president. Members of his family have been subpoenaed to testify. Know that people who have nothing to hide do not need to worry about incriminating themselves.

Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, and who in this world praises him? Why none other than Trump.

Trump is a danger to the world. Calling Putin a genius and thereby encouraging him endangers us and our allies. A former president calls outright thuggery “brilliant.” Don’t for a second think that the Chinese who crave Taiwan, and the North Koreans who covet their southern counterpart, and a host of other countries, including Iran and Turkey which want control of the Middle East, are not watching and listening. Yes, Trump’s ill-timed, ignorant words endanger NATO and the entire western world.

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