Letter to the Editor: Trygve Berge deserves a check, not a cake, for founding Breckenridge’s ski industry | SummitDaily.com

Letter to the Editor: Trygve Berge deserves a check, not a cake, for founding Breckenridge’s ski industry

James Manella

Trygve Berge, who founded Breckenridge Ski Resort — after surviving the Nazi occupation of his homeland and making his mark as a member of the Norwegian Olympic Ski Team — was honored with a birthday celebration fit for the man who, through his initiative, has done so much for our town.

The industry he helped carve out of these mountains has indeed been good to every single person in town government. I say, would this contribution not be eligible for a monetary honorarium? After all, each of you dip your hands into the pot of town gold don’t you? Seems to me it is not only appropriate but long overdue, as even the most conservatively managed nest egg can erode over the course of a 90-year-old’s retirement.

Did nobody in the tourism office with their millions in public funds offer up the notion that perhaps he, who has literally put you on the map, might deserve more than cake?

What do you think, Mr. Town Manager? You have benefited so much from this man’s drive and initiative, and you pull down quite a bit don’t you, and those pensions? What say you to an honorarium that makes our town look like class, one that has not completely been destroyed by the timeshare, alcohol and marijuana cultures that you bow to, year in and year out?

I was embarrassed there was no check for the man. I should think you would be, too. Are they so out of touch, so shameless, so selfish they cannot manage a simple gift to the deserving? About $200,000 sounds right.

Cut the man a check.


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