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Letter to the editor: Ullr has the reputation of fun and questionable political correctness

Martha and Rick Herwehe

We attempted to write a letter in support of Dr. Craig “Doc PJ” Perrinjaquet and Jeff Bergeron, but upon reading letters from Sandi Bruns and Jane Hamilton, we felt humbled. Thank you for stating the obvious of what most longtime residents know about these guys much more eloquently than we would have!

PJ is a beloved, giving doctor to many of us who always works toward the greater good. Though Jeffrey may have a filter that frequently lets only the boulders through, he has taken more positive actions for the community than most. He’s an entertaining writer who also feels strongly about issues challenging our unique town and, along with the Breckenridge Town Council, has the fortitude to work for improvement.

As for the Ullr event itself, it has gone through many iterations since the first event in 1963, and I don’t think any of them are family friendly. As it was, and hopefully continues, the Ullr parade (typically in January) allowed us to blow off steam after a crazy holiday season, pass bottles of Schnapps with town friends (pre-COVID), woot at humping sled dog floats and fur bikinis, and watch old Christmas trees blow up.

Condoms have been a ritual for years (and are still fun to blow up to float above the bonfire). Ullr has the reputation of fun, debauchery and questionable political correctness, so why not let the unvaccinated be included in the fun! And if that’s you, you took a stance against whatever and will have to put up with the verbal jabs from those of us trying to support the move to stop this pandemic.

Live and let live, laugh when you can and just relax.

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