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Letter to the editor: Ullr parade emcee’s silence is deafening after vaccination comment

Ally Doolin

Wow. I sure am glad that Jeffrey Bergeron is not a policeman. If he were, he might be a member of the secret police given his recent discriminatory statement at the Ullr parade, where he encouraged unvaccinated individuals not to reproduce.

Am I the only one who sees the irony of Bergeron’s statements in his latest column, “I would like to be the kind of cop who is deputized to punish folks when they are being boneheads” and “I need to look in the mirror more often.”

Bergeron, it seems, is unable to recognize or apologize for his own “bonehead” behavior of making cruel, discriminatory and hate-filled statements against unvaccinated members of our community. Perhaps Bergeron has not made a public apology because he actually agrees with the statement he read aloud and has zero remorse for doing so?

Bergeron, is the “mirror” you speak of in need of some Windex? Are you so wrapped up in your alter ego of Biff America that you are unable to reflect and see clearly how your comments regarding unvaccinated human beings have hurt our community?

Dr. Craig “Doc PJ” Perrinjaquet’s apology letter to the editor was a much-needed acknowledgment to the residents of Summit County. We appreciate Dr. PJ’s sincere apology, and it is a step in the right direction toward healing our community. Actions do speak louder than words, and the community will be watching closely to see that Dr. PJ’s actions reflect his words.

Bergeron, when do you plan to follow suit and make your public apology? Perhaps you are incapable of feeling compassion for anyone outside your own narrow worldview. Please step down from Breckenridge Town Council. You are unfit to serve, and your silence on this matter is deafening.

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