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Letter to the editor: Vaccine letter was full of misinformation and misconceptions

Rachel Steinmetz

Well, you gave it the good old college try, Ted Woodson, but unfortunately your attempt to discredit me was full of misinformation and misconceptions. Firstly, I don’t respond to reductionist and dismissive labels like “anti-vaxer.” If I am allergic to certain foods and prefer to read and understand the ingredients before consuming them, am I anti-food?

I have family members seriously injured from the COVID-19 vaccines so my stance is pro informed consent and freedom of choice. Where there is risk, there must be a choice.

  • You say I call pro-vaxers “regressive.” That is untrue. I said no such thing.
  • You say the the states that are anti-mask and anti-vaccine have overwhelming death rates from COVID-19. That is also untrue. There is no such thing as an anti-vaccine state, which by the way is ridiculous.
  • Your opinion of Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ meticulously researched, well-documented and comprehensive book “Dissolving Illusions” is laughable. It has not been discredited as you claim. It has been ignored and slandered by those who don’t want the actual data and history to be known.
  • You claim herd immunity won’t happen until a majority is vaccinated. That is untrue. Even the top scientists, doctors and inventors of these vaccines admit that. A leaky vaccine that doesn’t stop infection, transmission or mutation will never create herd immunity even with 100% vaccination rate. Up to 45% of Americans have natural immunity, which some studies have shown to be more robust and longer lasting than vaccine-induced antibodies. Why are we ignoring that science? Because it’s not lucrative?
  • Small pox, measles and polio were not eradicated by universal immunization. If you had actually read Humphries’ book, you would know that.
  • Finally, yes my body, my choice applies to all private decisions regarding one’s body.

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