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Letter to the editor: Viruses don’t care if you think masks are a symbol of oppression

James Barber

In response to letter writer Maarten Meinders, I’d like to point out multiple studies that have shown the preponderance of evidence indicates “mask wearing reduces transmissibility per contact by reducing transmission of infected respiratory particles.” This is according to 2021 reviews of multiple studies by the National Academy of Sciences and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What Dr. Anthony Fauci said two years ago was at a time in history when we were desperate because of a shortage of protective equipment for medical workers, and the general public was discouraged from gobbling up the available supply.

Eating in restaurants is an activity that society as a whole has pretty much decided is worth the risk, provided reasonable precautions are taken. It is not because there is zero risk.

Speaking for many, wearing a mask when we are around others represents a positive step toward protecting not only us but you from viruses that don’t care if you think masks are “uncomfortable and represent a symbol of oppression.

The viruses don’t care about our freedom to breathe and enjoy life or our God-given rights or your own brand of liberty. Politicized arguments I hear so often from people who find the “outrage media” to be so compelling do not persuade the virus.

I agree with the basic question, “Where does the madness stop?

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