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Letter to the editor: We are in for a grim four years with President Biden

Jeff Pace
Copper Mountain

The Biden administration promised an amazing first 100 days. What it has delivered is spectacular incompetence. First, our president wiped out 10,000 to 40,000 decent jobs. Who can forget the video of the pipeline worker sitting in his pickup weeping and wondering how he would pay his mortgage or support his family?

Next, with repeated incoherent performances and physical frailty, Biden has invited aggression from our enemies by showing weakness in national leadership. The Chinese mocked our secretary of state on U.S. soil because they see an opportunity to exploit a fragile presidency.

Then we have Biden’s collaboration with Democrats in Congress to spend $1.9 trillion in COVID-19 relief. In reality, the majority of those funds do nothing to relive the impact of the pandemic and shower billions on Democrat constituencies.

Worst of all is the humanitarian disaster on our southern border. Biden announced a radical change to immigration policy without thought to the consequences. His statements incentivized tens of thousands of Central Americans to risk death, abuse, rape and other privations to reach our border and created the suffering of thousands of children, now warehoused in desperate conditions.

When his policy was challenged, he imposed a news blackout, blamed his predecessor and sent administration officials to the Sunday news shows to mislead the public about the immigration crisis.

No thought given to the hundreds of COVID-19 infected immigrants. No thought given to the increased flood of drugs entering the country or exploitation of immigrants by the Mexican drug cartels. No thought given to who will care for the unaccompanied minors, who will house them, who will educate them or who will provide their medical care.

If the first 100 days of Biden’s leadership represent the future, we are in for a grim four years.



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