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Letter to the editor: We must relearn the art of compromise to preserve our freedom

Dave Newkirk

I welcome the Christmas spirit and holiday truce Kim McGahey offers in his latest column, but he still can’t quite bring himself to admit there is truth (and falsehood) on both sides of his “civil war.”

He conveniently ignores that the economic mess Obama inherited started under Bush II and that Obama largely kept the plans Bush initiated to confront the crisis. Or that Trump’s tax cuts mostly benefited the very rich, were not paid for and exploded government debt. Or that Trump’s “reduced onerous government regulations” incinerated much of the very little progress we had made on climate change.

But ignoring inconvenient truths is probably better than addressing them. Even silver-tongued Mitch McConnell tied his tongue in knots trying to explain why Merrick Garland’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court couldn’t proceed six months before an election and Amy Barrett’s could one month prior.

That’s not to say the Democratic Party is a statue of virtue. But of the last three presidents, I much prefer the personal integrity of Barrack Obama and Joe Biden over that of Donald Trump. Yes, a president’s integrity is important, especially in the peaceful transfer of power that is the bedrock of our democracy and success.

But McGahey is absolutely right about America’s “raging“ history. We are a contentious people, arguing over most everything, not just conservative/liberal philosophy. But we usually find a way to compromise, accepting that there is truth on both sides. The real Civil War happened when we ran out of compromise.

Our grandchildren will spit on our graves, wondering how we let their freedom to disagree slip away if we don’t relearn the art of compromise. Something to consider when fuming at a red light that some government bureaucrat took away your right to speed through the intersection.

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