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Letter to the editor: We need to give our local businesses a break when it comes to COVID-19

Maarten Meinders

I read with interest the front-page article “Businesspeople respond to mandate recommendation.” The very term “mandate recommendation” seems somewhat of an oxymoron, but aside from that, it gives one the feeling that the powers that be don’t want to take the risk of being voted out or canceled by issuing a legal mandate. I guess it is safer to try to convince businesses to do the police work for them.

I personally know people who would not patronize any restaurant that mandated masks. For that matter, you can argue that wearing a mask for 20 feet inside a restaurant on the way to your table and then taking it off for the remainder of the evening has no benefit to anyone’s health whatsoever. So why bother?

I think Rootstalk’s owner Matt Vawter reflected the sentiment of many with his comments in the article. People going to a restaurant want to escape the worries of life, not be greeted at the door by the mask police and be reminded that we still live in a semi-dystopian society.

Heaven knows, we need to give our local businesses a break. It would take an extra paid person for them to do the checking. They would lose the business and goodwill of half the community even as they face labor shortages and are trying to recover from last year’s draconian shutdowns.

It seems to me that if Florida can go back to normal and exhibit one of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the nation, with no civil burdens and open beaches, we should be able to live and let live, and eat and let eat.

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