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Letter to the editor: Will you vote for light, or will you vote for darkness?

Linda Perrotti

“America the Beautiful” has been obliterated by liberal lunacy encroaching on our freedom, our values and our faith. We are experiencing cultural genocide. Their intent is to dismantle our nation. Mandates issued to eliminate our freedoms. People losing their livelihoods for not succumbing to vaccine mandates.

The open border policy is a debacle at best! Hordes of migrants crossing the border. Many criminals, cartels, sex and drug traffickers are flooding our land with fentanyl, a lethal drug attributed to rampant drug use and suicides. So troublesome, so incomprehensible, so unconscionable, so heart-wrenching.

Our justice system has failed us. Security and safety have been eroded. Criminality has reared its ugly head. Some of our largest cities have become war zones, and the mayors and governors have become adept at looking the other way.

In Afghanistan, our precious Americans have been left behind.

“Defund the police” is outrageous and evil, providing means for antifa and Black Lives Matter to weaponize our cities via riots, looting and immeasurable loss of life.

The media attacks those who are pro life yet promotes gender expression.

Homelessness is egregious, shocking, disturbing — unleashing crime and squalor in our neighborhoods and pathetic disregard for our brothers and sisters.


We are dealing with dysfunctional leaders short on solutions amid a plethora of crises. We are being governed by godless, empty individuals. They are depraved, morally corrupt, lacking a moral compass. We’ve become bombarded with men and woman who hate America. Money, power and self-aggrandizement are their trophies.

The needs of Americans have been neglected. An uprising is percolating. Is anything sacred anymore? Is this the America you signed up for? When the midterm 2022 election comes around, we might ask ourselves: “Will I vote for light, or will I vote for darkness?”

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