Liddick’s foreign policy credentials lacking (letter) |

Liddick’s foreign policy credentials lacking (letter)

I congratulate Mr. Liddick on the catchy title alliteration of “murderous mullahs” in his August 11 column. Unfortunately, that seems to be the high point of his screed.

Perhaps Mr. Liddick’s foreign policy credentials are more extensive than I assume; he neglects to mention them at all. Regardless, I find it curious that such moderate forums as the Economist, The New York Times and even the American Conservative all find the Iran deal a positive outcome for the U.S. There’s not room here to cover the minutiae of arms inspections and sanctions renewal in the proposed deal, but the sober and professional analysis of experts at those sources leads one to a much less alarming conclusion than Liddick’s, though one less suited to sound bites.

Mr. Liddick also accuses the president of somehow overstepping the bounds of his office in proposing the Iran deal. As per the U.S. Constitution, the executive branch and State Department negotiate treaties and then submit them to Congress for approval, exactly as is occurring here. And, as usual, Mr. Liddick finishes with his well-worn accusation of a desperate president grasping for a legacy. While hardly perfect, the president’s legacy already seems commendable — one of increased health-care access, economic recovery and increased energy independence.

Give us facts, Mr. Liddick, not angry baseless rhetoric, and your complaints would carry more weight.

Drew Anderson


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