Linking Keystone pipeline to immigration debate (letter) |

Linking Keystone pipeline to immigration debate (letter)

Folks, the “Music has Died,” courtesy of President Obama. This guy says “Yes We Can!” to 5 million illegal immigrants, but “No We Can’t” to Canadian shale-oil and tight sands formations. “Yes!” to tax-evaders from South-of-the-Border, but “No!” to Canadian crude?

The “No We Can’t” represents Obama’s promise to veto the Keystone XL pipeline. This drives up the cost of shale/tight-sands “plays” in the Bakken/Exchaw Formations, Williston Basin shale, Shaunavon, Lower Viking, and Spyglass Formations in Saskatchewan and North Dakota. With the recent “Dump-the-Pumps” strategy by Saudi Arabia, Brent and WTI crude prices have gone sub-$40. Without the Keystone XL, this make these shale plays economically unviable to continue drilling. Bear in mind, there are at least two “Super-Giant” fields that need this pipeline, where a “Super-Giant Field” is defined as technically and economically recoverable amounts of refinery-grade crude in excess of five billion barrels. But, Obama says “No!” hence there goes the “Economically Recoverable” requirement to develop.

But, Obama says “Yes!” to five million tax-evaders, and now the IRS will hand them the Earned Income Credit — that’s a $6,242 tax-free, yearly hand-out going back four years for a family with three or more children. Plus, $1,000/per child via the Child Tax Credit. Do the math: One million tax evaders now get [4 years x ($6,242+$3,000) x 1,000,000 new social security numbers] equals a hand-out to former tax-evaders of $36,968,000,000!

By the numbers:

“No We Can’t” to 10 billion barrels of domestic oil.

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“Yes We Can” to a $36,968,000,000 hand-out to foreigners here illegally.

Lorenzo Del Toro


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