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Long: A vote on Main Street marijuana issue is democracy in action

Who knew the legalization of marijuana would be used by some to assert their anti-democracy views on a community? There are so many who seem to have an issue with the town council using the democratic process, aka public voting, to make crucial decisions that affect the community as a whole. Sadly, these people seem to be under the impression this community does not deserve to control their own rights including the types of businesses we wish to allow on our streets. And why would this be? Because they know their own opinions and wishes do not coincide with those who will be voting. Entitlement is an issue in this country and it has more to do with the wealthy conservative mindset that seems believe we should all be forced to believe the same things and hold the same morals as they do. Just because you are wealthy enough to visit our community often, maybe even own a second third or fourth home here, it does not mean you get to use the town council as your own personal board of trustees there to meet your every need. Claiming registered voters have no right to vote on this issue is obscenely un-American, not to mention quite pompous.

If you fear a community you embrace dearly will be ruined by something they themselves voted to approve, you have to accept it and move forward. Let them experience the consequences of their decisions and if in the long run it is not right for the town, people may vote to change it. As the federal government allows money and special interest to influence elected officials and their decisions, it’s refreshing to see our government officials are relaying on the public’s help instead.

Lisa Long


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