Mathews: A growing gap between the superwealth and the everyday creators |

Mathews: A growing gap between the superwealth and the everyday creators

In regards to Mike Dudick’s passionate letter to the editor I must say that the country going “purple” would be a great thing. Where the letter strays is that it has been 5 years of obstruction by the right that has perpetuated this problem, not a failing administration. This inequality has been with us for some time now. Beginning with the policies of the dark overlord of conservatism Ronald Reagan attacking unions we have slowly worked harder yet are paid the same for that labor while inflation keeps climbing. The pressures of stock holders getting a bigger return on their investment have forced companies to inflate profits by suppressing wages and layoffs. That is easily achieved in this day and age of technology and globalization. More money in the hands of few enables a flood of cash into politics as we have never seen like the passing of Citizens United. Thus the rich dictate our politics while the middle class losses its voice in congress. Then come tax breaks for the “job creators”. The most prosperity this country has ever seen has been when the wealthy paid their fair share. Warren Buffett paid a tax rate of 16% last year while his secretary paid 36%. The social utility of the wealthy paying back into the system would stabilize state and federal budgets. Those funds can invest in education and infrastructure that is in dire need. The wealthy in this country spends about the same as any middle class family. They require no more pairs of jeans or groceries than the rest of us. Making a million dollars in a year does not antiquate to a million dollars spent back into the economy. That money is invested in the market and shipped somewhere else. We are the creators, not them.

Scott Mathews


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