McGahey: An argument for the power of the vote |

McGahey: An argument for the power of the vote

An argument for the power of the vote

We will be receiving our voting ballots in the mail on Oct. 14 and I encourage all of us to become informed voters. Most people limit their political activism to having a beer and bitching about the president and Congress. But I implore you to take it to the next level because our county, our state and our country need you as informed voters now more than ever.

Our ability to embrace a secret ballot is what separates us from Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and Chicago. Our responsibility to vote requires us to consider numerous credible sources of opinion and facts other than “The Today Show.” It is imperative that we as Coloradans and Americans take a few minutes each week and find out what a Liberal and a Conservative are, what they believe and how they will use the precious gift of governance we give them.

Our republic was intentionally created by the Founding Father’s with cautious separation of powers and a bullet-proof system of checks and balances for times like these. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John Adams foresaw our country reaching today’s political impasse and specifically designed a form of government that would not allow one party to create a dictatorship and deprive the God-given natural freedoms from the rest of us. In fact, George Washington ‘s Inaugural Address and Farewell Address (when he declined the popular invitation to become King of America) both deplored all political parties as unscrupulous power seekers and encouraged individual Americans to retain the reins of power by cherishing, protecting and exercising our right to vote.

I don’t write this because I am a candidate for the University of Colorado Board of Regents CD2 or because I am the chairman of the Summit County Republicans; however, it does reflect my personal philosophy of transparency and common sense that I would use if elected.

More important than my self-promotion is the fate of the free world that rests in your capable hands as voting citizens of this great state of Colorado and this blessed America. Please don’t be ignorant or apathetic. Please don’t be a one-issue voter. Please take the time to ask as many questions as it takes for you to get the answers you need to put us back on track.

I encourage you to vote for candidates with integrity, character, a moral compass and a genuine interest in what’s best for you as taxpaying citizens and not for them as politicians.

Kim McGahey


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