McGahey: Bring conservatism to Colorado |

McGahey: Bring conservatism to Colorado

Bring conservatism to Colorado

Most sensible Coloradans view the hijacking of the Colorado state legislature by the radical lefties in the Democratic party as an unacceptable turn of events in the overall health of our state.

The liberal takeover of that esteemed legislative body is endorsed by our Representative Millie Hamner (D) House District 61 and has proven why it is never a good thing to have one party control both houses and the governor’s mansion. By removing any hope of deliberation, debate and compromise, the liberal majority has effectively disenfranchised a majority of Colorado citizens who disagree with their radical California agenda.

Gun control, same-sex unions and legalized pot are not where most Coloradans want their state legislators to focus. The common sense that characterizes most Coloradans and sets us apart from the social bias in the rest of the country demands that our representatives actually represent us and make decisions that positively enhance our economic strength, our scenic outdoor recreations and our ability to attract quality individuals and businesses to our wonderful state.

We have everything needed to make the Colorado economy skyrocket except the political will by the majority party to prioritize free market capitalism, limit government interference and promote the natural beauty that we all cherish.

It’s high time to change the change back to representative state government and away from the liberal dictatorship that now dominates our myopic legislature. I urge the people of Summit County and Colorado to become knowledgeable about issues that affect us all and to support candidates that will vote for limited government, personal freedom from government control, private enterprise, individual responsibility, helping those less fortunate, keeping Colorado clean and green, strong families and hard work. These candidates should also have respect and a full understanding of the Constitution that our founding Fathers gave We The People.

Kim McGahey

Summit County Republicans

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