McGahey: Have faith and vote (letter) |

McGahey: Have faith and vote (letter)

I have encountered many discouraged patriots lately who ask if Trump and Clinton are the best leaders that our country has to offer. Of course, the answer is “no,” but, before we all slit our wrists contemplating the end of the free world as we know it, consider this:

We live in an entertainment, celebrity, instant gratification, “what’s in it for me” culture that has been brewing in our schools, homes, TVs and government offices the past 40 years.

You can point the finger of blame at many causes, but chief among those is our shortened attention span caused by our obsession with electronic devices, the breakdown of the American nuclear and extended family and the abdication of personal responsibility for ourselves, our kids and our culture.

All these cultural trends converge and make it easy for people to ignore the Founding Fathers’ warnings of becoming dependant on government handouts and then vote for the candidates who will give us whatever we want. The signs in the National Forest say don’t feed the animals, or they will become dependant on humans.

Liberal progressives tell us central-planning control is fair, saves money and improves our standard of living. When in reality, history has proven just the opposite — that is, that every socialist/communist government regime has been the problem, not the solution.

We see it in the micro­-utopia nirvana that local governments have tried to sustain in Summit County. They insist that the local government should provide housing, childcare, health care, clean air and punish anyone who speaks against their central-planning mantra. We all agree that we want to improve our lifestyles, keep our air and water clean and be the best educated, most productive people in the world.

But nowhere in the two books that founded this country, the Bible and the U.S. Constitution, is any level of government obligated to make these goals guaranteed at the taxpayers’ expense. In fact, quite the contrary. We The People have been given a republic with separation of powers, a system of checks and balances and a Judeo-­Christian work ethic that gives each American citizen equal opportunity to choose their path, but not to have guaranteed equal outcomes at the end of that path.

Yet we continue to vote for candidates who look us right in the eye and lie to us saying whatever we want to hear.

I beg you to keep the faith and to vote for candidates with integrity who tell you the truth and not necessarily what you want to hear. Test them for their ability to put We The People first and their willingness to sacrifice their re­election prospects in order to do what’s best for the American people. Encourage them to implement term limits for all government elected officials and all judges. Insist that they replace gerrymandered voting districts that generate unfair ideological dynasties with what the Founders envisioned as truly representative local and state voting districts. Above all, do not vote for power-hungry, self­-absorbed liars who will say or do anything to get elected.

Vote for truth, vote for honesty, vote for the candidates who don’t make false promises just to get elected. It’s time for all American citizens to finally vote for what’s in THE PEOPLES’ best interest. We have the power! The elected officials work for us — not the media or some invisible party establishment.

Let’s come together this election cycle and vote to heal our towns, our country, our state and our nation with truth and liberty. We The People have this crucial opportunity now to prove what Benjamin Franklin said to his constituents in 1776, “We’ve given you a Republic, if you can keep it!”

Love America,

Kim McGahey

Summit Republican Party


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