Mitchell: Consumer Reports should stick to reviewing coffee makers |

Mitchell: Consumer Reports should stick to reviewing coffee makers

Re: The Aug. 13 article on Consumer Report ranking of St. Anthony Summit Medical Center

I was very disappointed and shocked when I read your article relative to Consumer Reports poor rating of our Frisco hospital .

My primary residence is in Savannah, Ga., however I spend about four months a year at Copper Mountain.

Three years ago I had medical complications in Savannah, however, they released me to go to Copper for the summer. Within days I had to go to the Frisco emergency room. They immediately scheduled me for surgery. I have to say that from the time I was admitted until I was released the service was absolutely excellent. Needless to say they also resolved my medical problem.

At that time I made the comment to my wife “If and when I need additional surgery I’m going to go to the Frisco hospital and have it done there.”

It bothers me that based on what I consider a non-scientific survey Consumer Reports gave the Frisco hospital such a poor rating. As I understand it no patients were surveyed or interviewed .

Their conclusions were based entirely on the medicare records of 150 patients. The criteria was “did the patient stay one day longer than what medicare considered NORMAL or was there a death involved.” I have been advised that of the 150 patients only 14 stayed in the hospital beyond what was considered normal by medicare. Not one of the 14 stayed due to complications. There were also no deaths involved.

I would also much rather have my physician determine my length of stay, not some medicare guideline.

The professionalism of the Consumer Reports survey makes me think they should stick to rating blenders and coffee makers, not ranking hospitals.

Ken Mitchell

Copper Mountain and Savannah, Ga

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