Munoz: Is Liddick misinformed, mean-spirited or both? (column) |

Munoz: Is Liddick misinformed, mean-spirited or both? (column)

Even the devil can quote scripture! By crossing party lines to reference the Democratic Pres. Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” Liddick paints Maria Celeste Arraras and any marginalized group petitioning its government representatives as self-centered and undeserving supplicants begging for alms.

(Personally, I prefer the Republican Pres. Lincoln’s “government of the people, by the people, for the people” from his Gettysburg Address — sounds more democratic and less totalitarian to me; and it echoes the spirit of the U.S. Constitution’s preamble about establishing justice, promoting the general welfare and securing the blessings of liberty).

More significantly is how Liddick belittles the concerns of Latinos while making oblique insinuations that criticize, if not vilify them, e.g., “the benefits of lawful behavior, capitalism and free enterprise — including the value of hard work.” Now bear in mind that the last time Liddick singled out Latinos in his column was when he “gave a high-five” to Trump for calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals (“Don’t let an inartful mogul Trump immigration debate,” July 13, 2015).

Also note that to Liddick, Ms. Celeste Arraras is merely “a popular Telemendo personality” rather than the co-anchor of the newscast Noticiero Telemundo. Is the SDN columnist misinformed or being mean-spirited? Granted, Ms. Celeste Arraras may be child-like — that is, naïve but not childish — for taking to heart the propaganda she’s been fed about this land of the free in her civics classes back in Puerto Rico. In addition, she is naïve for not realizing she is just a “chica,” and only the big boys can play at this table, and green is the only color the matters.

Despite the concept of a functioning democratic republic with free elections creating representatives beholden to constituents, according to Liddick, petitioning an elected legislator or government official (even with an open-ended question) is not only shameless, but also corrupt and damaging to national unity! Instead, invest millions in the GOP, and you will, according to Robert Reich, “get lower taxes, wider tax loopholes, bigger subsidies, more generous bailouts, less regulation, lengthier patents and copyrights and stronger market power allowing you to raise prices, weaker unions and bigger trade deals allowing you to outsource abroad to reduce wages, easier bankruptcy for you but harder bankruptcy for homeowners and student debtors, and judges who will let you engage in insider trading and who won’t prosecute you for white-collar crimes” (“An Open Letter to the Republican Establishment” by Robert Reich, Mar. 1, 2016).

Mr. Liddick, this to me, seems like “transactional politics at its most corrupt” and “a shameless appeal to the greedy, self-centered child.” How can you invoke “the forgotten politics of principle” without addressing this aberration that U.S. democracy has become — that is, a point 1 percent with the reins of this country, which now resembles a plutocracy with a democratic façade. Votes should be the leverage — not money — in a true democracy.

So, please leave the gaming table, Ms. Celeste Arraras (and others) with petitions to your elected or soon-to-be elected officials. You can’t play here, you self-centered child!

Cesar Munoz

Dillon Valley

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