Munoz: Liddick’s harmful myths on immigration |

Munoz: Liddick’s harmful myths on immigration

Liddick’s harmful myths on immigration

Re: Morgan Liddick’s July 16 column, “Impunity at home and abroad.”

Pendejada! — here’s a Spanish word, albeit not as strong as I’d like to use, but publishable, to describe Liddick’s statement: “Trouble is, burgeoning immigration and a fetish for ‘multiculturalism’ have apparently spread this [impunity] dangerous attitude to us.”

Apparently, it’s not enough for Liddick to regurgitate myths about immigration; now he mindlessly and maliciously has to create a new one to bash immigrants. Unfortunately, Liddick is what stupid people think intelligent people sound like; so it won’t be long before some readers add another lie to their arsenal of unfounded anti-immigrant arguments.

Apparently, the “impunity attitude” is a pathogen more contagious and more insidious than the common cold.

Somehow, it works its way up from the lowly dishwasher sequestered in our favorite restaurant to the upper echelons of political society. This highly communicable disease defies the commonplace axiom that crap flows downhill.

Apparently, crap also flows on Tuesdays in the Summit Daily News.

Cesar Munoz


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