Munoz: Liddick’s myths and black magic |

Munoz: Liddick’s myths and black magic

It’s called “smoke and mirrors”—this idiom an allusion to the illusion a magician creates by hiding, disguising, or camouflaging the reality on stage, and thus deluding his audience. That’s what Liddick has presented us in his last column.

Once again, he materializes another immigration myth as tiresome as the rabbit-out-of-the-hat. “They take our jobs!” Such a myth, by now, should only exist in the garbage heap of unsubstantiated cliches on discarded posterboards. Anyone with some understanding of today’s global economy would know that the concept of an “American” job is a delusion. But perhaps it’s an attempt by Liddick to magically dupe our senses, scare us into stupidity. Yet, Liddick scoffs at the “sad-eyed kids” and the “poor economic refugees,” implying that they are an insidious component in a campaign of compassion to wrestle immigration reform out of the House Republicans. Well, better to pander to compassion than fear. However, if you think fear can mesmerize more, then let me offer the image of a bloated, partially-devoured cadaver in the Arizona desert that was once a pregnant woman.

No good magician wants to be up-staged by his competition. So, it would be a tough act to follow when the Democrats instantly materialize millions of reliable voters with the wave of a pen. Once again, the fear-factor: what can be more frightening for some than to have a majority of Democratic voters in the U.S., brown ones no less?

For me, Liddick’s most amazing magic is his capacity to see inside hearts of immigrants and identify their “disdain for the law”—some of us can only see desperation in their lives. Yet, anyone seeing “racism” in zealots like Tom Tancredo is righteously condemned. (By the way, Mr. Liddick, will you be endorsing Tom for Governor again?)

Another good trick worth mentioning is Liddick’s knack for changing the meaning of words. A wave of his pen and presto . . . “AMNESTY” appears! It really is amnesty because according to Liddick it involves too many people and the punishment is too light. How many Confederate soldiers who took arms against the federal government were granted real, full amnesty by Lincoln?

Unfortunately, and despite no mention by Liddick, the best magic trick in the pending immigration bill would have been the disappearance of N.A.F.T.A.—a much more sinister specter from the past than the 1986 Immigration Reform Act. Excorsing that “free trade” demon would do more to stem immigration than militarizing the border. But if Houdini could make an elephant disappear . . .

Cesar Munoz

Dillon Valley

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