Munoz: Morgan Liddick can’t be serious |

Munoz: Morgan Liddick can’t be serious

I suggest the SDN print a disclaimer with Liddick’s column, something akin to those issued with some newspaper horoscopes: “For entertainment purposes only.” Morgan Liddick is a laughable and often predictable self-parody of the self-proclaimed, proud conservative, full of bombast and hyperbole, hypocrisy and double-speak with a penchant for labels and partisan politics — Red v. Blue unless we add White, then there’s flag-waving and chants of “My Country Right or Wrong”; and don’t forget to drop some Latin or French clichés for snob appeal. Such a disclaimer might prevent some readers like Mr. David Gray (Dec. 11 letter) from being deluded into thinking that “Liddick makes more sense than most of the other columnists featured . . .”

Liddick’s July 9 column, “Get back to immigration basics” is a good example of nonsense, e pluribus unum.

Liddick constructs an immigration policy based on Webster’s Dictionary! (I wish I had a dollar for every high schooler that prefaced an essay with the dictionary “literary device.”) Sophomoric writing-style aside, even more naïve was the subsequent conclusion to deport over 11 million undocumented immigrants since “amnesty” as defined in Webster’s Dictionary (he could have at least used Black’s Law Dictionary) is not an option according to the law. And the cost? How would it be done? Better channel the spirit of Adolf Eichmann for a solution! Yes, a séance with participants wearing white robes and hoods. Kindred spirits? Only a racist or a nitwit would propose mass deportation. Reality be damned a la Liddick.

Apparently, reason takes a backseat to the comfort some readers find when a conservative mouthpiece expresses their sentiments with such self-assuredness. So, Morgan’s minions should just accept their Tuesday feel-good moment without trying to find sense in it — cela va de soi.

Cesar Munoz


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