Nitka: No legal marijuana on Main Street empowers the black market |

Nitka: No legal marijuana on Main Street empowers the black market

It is baffling that members of the local community feel that kicking a legal business out of downtown will keep marijuana off of Main Street. Years ago I would walk down Main Street and would be approached by countless black-market dealers and asked if I wanted to buy weed. As general manager of Breckenridge Cannabis Club (BCC), I take pride and make it a goal to put all black-market dealers out of business. These dealers aren’t paying taxes, carding your kids or having their facilities inspected. They are operating in an unsafe manner where no one benefits but them.

Eleven months ago when BCC went recreational, we learned some things. There is demand for marijuana in Breckenridge, especially on Main Street. The town is expecting to collect $1,000,000 in marijuana taxes this year, $790,000 of that will be used as scholarships for local preschoolers. The majority of those taxes are coming from the shop on Main Street, removing that shop will significantly lower tax collections.

The demand for marijuana is high, and in any market where there is a demand, there will be a supply. If marijuana is voted off of Main Street, black-market dealers will move in and start selling unregulated, untaxed, unsafe pot on Main Street to anyone who has cash to buy it. They will thrive in the illegal unregulated market.

I feel that we do need to protect the image of Breckenridge. Having countless black-market marijuana dealers approaching families is not the image that we want. It will be the image we get if we kick BCC out of downtown, simple economics.

If you are worried about the integrity of Main Street, then allow the 5-plus-year-old, safe, regulated, law-abiding and-tax paying business to continue to operate on Main Street.

Ali Nitka


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