No tolerance for conservative Christians in public square (letter) |

No tolerance for conservative Christians in public square (letter)

The more I have the chance to read newspapers online — or in person while vacationing or traveling — I continue to see three main themes that trouble me regarding opinion and letters to the editors.

1. I sense that the contempt for the conservative Christian refuses to allow any sense of tolerance from detractors. Usually, this emanates from a group who demand tolerance on issues and then offers none to the Christian who holds sincere religious beliefs and strives to live a life consistent with those beliefs.

2. I also find it ironic that those who hold no faith in God’s word (and even hold it in contempt) will then, at some point, clumsily pick a verse from that very book to build their argument as they try to tell others how sure they are of how Jesus would behave or think. It is my belief that these people espouse views on religion with very little personal knowledge or study of that book. If you propose to pass judgment on the book, then at least you should take up a study to try to find out what it says rather than speaking out about something on which you really have no depth of knowledge.

3. Finally, I see recurring evidence that people have no idea about the job of the U.S. Supreme Court. Witness a letter in the July 28 edition if the Summit Daily where the writer says, “The duty of the Supreme Court is to ensure the laws of our country coincide with the temperament and ideas of its citizens.” This has never been the job of the court. Its job is singular in its objective, and that objective is to determine whether the laws enacted by Congress are constitutional when challenged in court. I, for one, am relieved that no body of nine individuals in this country is charged with this judgment of what makes our citizens’ temperamentally happy.

Mike Terral

College Station, Texas

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