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Opinion form Abrams: Life and the law of land

Life and the law of the land

John Young’s article “Abortion: one moment, five words” is very misleading. It would have one believe that Texas is illegalizing “Abortion On Demand,” which it cannot do as “Abortion On Demand” is a federal law and states cannot supersede that law.

Texas is trying to amend its existing “Abortion On Demand” law to the point that an abortion would not be available after 20 weeks of pregnancy, (already a law in five other states) and the abortions have to be performed in a Texas approved medical facility, which I think is not out of line based on the recent findings in the Gosnell abortion clinic in Philadelphia. I am “pro life” and would like to see abortion as a rare medical procedure, instead of the secular left’s favorite form of birth control. I have hope, as a pro-choice reporter covering the proceedings in Philadelphia after seeing first-hand what goes on in these clinics became a pro-life advocate. Those proceedings I hope will have a profound effect on people who are on the fence about this issue.

For the 21 year old with a car and the semen, and the 16 year old girl with the glossy eyes and the womb, in Mr. Young’s column, perhaps if their families or their school had shared a video like Alexander Tsiaras “Conception to Birth” which clearly depicts that we are not some “glob of nothing” to be flushed down a toilet, a better solution might evolve.

Unfortunately Roe v Wade is the law of the land and the “government” is involved, but let the citizens of the individual states have the choice as how to enforce the law.

CJ “Chuck” Abrams


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