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Opinion from Dollins: Durst and Dupuy embody intolerance

Durst and Dupuy are the pits

I can accept that the Daily leans to the left, but I request that they select better commentators than Will Durst and Tina Dupuy. These two seem to make sounding clever their highest goal, while reasoned rhetoric is sent packing. In last week’s “Rainbow babies,” Durst commented that he was sorry that homosexuals had to wait for same sex marriage to gain acceptance. He stated that a lot of “bitter old tiny-brained people” had to die first. So, morally principled people who uphold long-standing values are bitter and tiny-brained? I can think of a few people who have died who would never have supported same sex marriage, you know, people like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Dr. King, to name a few. Are these the kind of riffraff to whom Durst is referring? No, but quick generalization is the tool of the comedian; a person who’s real goal is not coherent debate, but rather trying to come off as witty and humorous. The dismissive name-calling was only a preamble to listing his “funny” marriage pitfalls.

In her piece “#Standwithnancy,” Dupuy wastes her efforts telling the reader to just ignore the blowhards who adhere to a point of view that is different from your own. Thus, if I were to take her advice, I would not have read her column in the first place. She says of opposing points of view, “Who cares?” Like Durst she wants to dismiss the opinion of anyone who has a belief that is different, to belittle them and label them as invaluable, a hallmark of totalitarianism, by the way. Like Durst, Dupuy focuses on same-sex marriage. The irony, of course, is that the principal complaint of the homosexual movement is that they have been ignored, marginalized and dismissed because they are different. My point is not that Durst and Dupuy are wrong, but rather that they are neither compelling nor shrewd as voices in this public discourse, probably because they really do not want to be part of the discourse, but prefer to prop themselves up and disparage the opposition instead. The readers of the Daily deserve better.

Randy Dollins


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