Pacot: Colorado conservative candidates offer clear alternative |

Pacot: Colorado conservative candidates offer clear alternative

You can vote for the current governor, who really can’t make up his mind about anything and totally own those decisions (Hickenlooper), or a man that’s stated far more clearly his positions and will honor our freedoms and won’t torture families when the judicial system has had its say (Beauprez).

You can vote for the current U.S. Senator that’s voted against energy independence and American sovereignty (Udall) or a man that’s for an all-of-the-above energy strategy and preserving our nation’s ability to decide its fate, not the United Nations (Gardner).

You can vote for the current HD61 representative that clearly believes she can define your constitutional freedoms for you (Hamner) or you can vote for a woman that supports your freedoms as laid down by the Founding Fathers (Irvine).

You can vote for the current county commissioner that has proven to be willing to deprive you of your property with a sketchy-at-best eminent domain land-grab (Gibbs) or a man committed to making sure that will never happen again in Summit County (Bacher).

This election isn’t about anything other than liberty and who decides it for you. It’s about those that support it and defend it or those that oppose it and see it as a hindrance to their agenda.

It’s about liberty; it’s always about liberty.

Guy Pacot


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